Foresters serving Idaho
Alpha Services
- Coeur d'Alene, ID
American Tree Farm System
Paul DeLong - Senior Vice President, ATFS & Conservation - Washington, DC
Andrew Bennett, SAF
- Lafayette, NJ
Austin D Carroll
Wiregrass Ecological Associates - President - Gulfport, MS
Bill Love, CF
Inland Forest Management, Inc. - Sandpoint, ID
Bob Pietras
Southwest Supervisory Area Manager - Boise, ID
Brad Tucker
Northwest Management Inc. - Moscow, ID
Chris Schnepf
Professor and Area Extension Educator - Forestry - UI Kootenai Co. Extension - Coeur D' Alene, ID
Chris Tretter
Ponderosa Supervisory Area Manager - Deary, ID
Council of Western State Foresters
Sara Goodwin - Communications Director - Edgewater, CO
Dennis R. Parent
Senior Forester - DRPforestry - Hayden, ID
Dick E. Bradetich, ACF
Inland Forest Management, Inc. - Consulting Forester - Sandpoint, ID
Don Gunter
Inland Forest Management, Inc. - Consulting Forester - Sandpoint, ID
Dovetail Partners Inc.
- Minneapolis, MN
Dr. Randy Brooks
Extension Forester and Professor - Extension Forestry University of Idaho - Moscow, ID
Eric Clippinger
Northwest Management Inc. - Moscow, ID
FOR Maine
Forest Stewards Guild
Zander Evans - Executive Director - Madison, WI
Gary Suppiger
Panhandle Forest Products - Cocolalla, ID
Greg Howisey
Northwest Management Inc. - Moscow, ID
Gregory A. Bassler, ACF
Northwest Management, Inc. - Consulting Forester - Moscow, ID
Hull Forest Products
- Pomfret Center, CT
Idaho Forest Owners Association
Marrion E. Newsam Banks - Executive Vice President - Coeur d'Alene, ID
Idaho Tree Farm Program
Steve Funk - Chair - Coeur d’Alene, ID
Jay Sila
Clearwater Supervisory Area Manager - Orofino, ID
Joe Hinson
Northwest Natural Resource Group, LLC - Forester - Weiser, ID
John Ailport
Inland Forest Management, Inc. - Consulting Forester - Sandpoint, ID
John Kinne
Odenwald Forestry - Kootenai, ID
Karen Robinson
Inland Forest Management, Inc. - Sandpoint, ID
Kit H. Buell
Buell Environmental LLC - Ecologist - Oak Creek, CO
Larry Isenberg
Synergistic Solution Inc. - Coeur d'Alene, ID
Lee Andrews, CF
Inland Forest Management, Inc. - Sandpoint, ID
Mark Corrao
Northwest Management Inc. - Moscow, ID
Mark Stutzman
Northwest Management Inc. - Moscow, ID
Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc.
Roger Lord - President - Portland, OR
Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc.
James Schriever - Vice President Geospatial Services - Woodland Park, CO
Matthew M. Engberg
Northwest Management Inc. - Moscow, ID
McKenzie River Associates LLC
James A. Mehrwein - President - Eugene, OR
Michael Dominguez
5 Star Forestry - Owner - Kooskia, ID
Michael F. Wolcott, ACF, CF
Inland Forest Management, Inc. - Sandpoint, ID
Michael LaMana, MS, CF
Northwest Management, Inc. - Sr. Forester - Sandpoint, ID
Mick Schanilec
Priest Lake Supervisory Area Manager - Coolin, ID
Mike Hincher
The Forestland Group, LLC - Senior Vice President – Forest Operations - Abingdon, VA
National Association of State Foresters
- Washington , DC
National Woodland Owners Association
Keith A. Argow - President, Director, At-Large - Vienna, VA
Northwest Management Inc.
- Moscow, ID
Pat Brown
Eastern Supervisory Area Manager - Idaho Falls, ID
Patrick Hagen
Maggie Creek Supervisory Area Manager - Kamiah, ID
Patrick Knowles
Certified Forester (Forestry Consultant) - Knowles Forest Consulting Inc - McCall, ID
Paul Jameson EA, LLC
- Coeur d'Alene, ID
Philip D. Bailey, MAI
Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc. - Senior Appraiser, Eastern US & International - Blacksburg, VA
Resource Analytical & Management Group, LLC
Billy K. Lemons - President & Principal Consultant - Nacogdoches, TX
Richard L. Cooper
Cooper Consulting Forestry - Owner - Honor, MI
Rick Arcano
St. Joe Supervisory Area Manager - St. Maries, ID
Robert C. Crane
Woodland Management Service - Consulting Forester - Stevens Point, WI
Scott Corkill
Payette Lakes Supervisory Area Manager - McCall, ID
St. Maries Forestry & Tax Service
John J. Ferris - Certified Forester (CF) - Saint Maries, ID
Steve Bloedel, ACF, CF
Inland Forest Management, Inc. - Consulting Forester - Sandpoint, ID
Steve Prochnau
Prochnau Forest Consultants, LLC - Owner/President - Olympia, WA
Tera R. King
Northwest Management Inc. - Moscow, ID
The Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC
- Jackson, MS
Thomas Davis
Certified Forester (Forestry Consultant) - North Idaho Forestry - Hayden, ID
TigerTree Land Management
Franz Lani - Laramie, WY
Tim Gurton
Sperry Ridge, Inc. - Forester - Eugene, OR
Tom Fleer
Pend Oreille Supervisory Area Manager - Sandpoint, ID
Tom Fleer
Mica Supervisory Area Manager - Coeur d'Alene, ID
Vaiden Bloch
Northwest Management Inc. - Moscow, ID
Vincent P. Corrao, ACF
Northwest Management, Inc. - President - Moscow, ID
Western Forest Systems, Inc.
Richard M. Schaefer IV, Richard M. Schaefer III, and Janice Schaefer - Lewiston, ID
William 'Bill' Warren
Professor and Extension Educator - UI Clearwater Co. Extension - Orofino, ID
William C. Berrigan, ACF
Berrigan Forestry, Inc. - Owner - Kettle Falls, WA
Worman and Associates
Doug Worman - Owner - Hayden, ID
Worman Forest Management LLC
- Hayden, ID
Yvonne Barkley
Associate Extension Forester - Extension Forestry University of Idaho - Moscow, ID