Lemhi Ranchers enhance fish habitat via 25-year harmonious partnership

Our story summarizes the amazing depth of work accomplished by Lemhi River ranchers in partnership with local, state and federal agency partners and conservation organizations over the last 25 years. Over 130 conservation projects! All of the work is being done to improve habitat for ESA-listed Snake River spring/summer chinook, steelhead and resident fish.

All of the conservation work is voluntary. Everyone involved makes sure that conservation projects also enhance the ranch, the economy and the community. All of the projects are coordinated by the Upper Salmon Basin Watershed Program in Salmon with 20+ agency partners.

See how Lemhi ranchers and conservation professionals work together to achieve all of these milestones related to fish and wildlife habitat, water conservation, minimum stream flows, winter fish survival and more through careful advance planning, respect for multiple uses, and a clear focus on conservation and community goals.
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