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Since 1997, we’ve specialized in helping hunters, both guided and do-it-yourself, find good places to hunt mule deer, elk, and moose, in Idaho, Northwestern Wyoming, and Northeastern Nevada on private and public land.

We know first hand the difficulty of finding an area with a good chance at a decent animal. Our services can help you be more successful.

We offer two types of service:

1) Private Land Semi-guided High Quality Elk, Mule Deer, and Moose hunts (Idaho Only)
2) Public land scouting packages for self-guided do-it-yourself hunters (Idaho, Montana, Western Wyoming, Northeast Nevada)

For our Private Land Hunts, we manage nearly 20,000 acres of big-game habitat in SE Idaho.  Our management has produced success rates on elk rivaling those of some of Idaho’s best controlled hunts, yet our ranches are in an over-the-counter unit. This means getting a tag is a non-issue, unlike controlled hunts which can take thousands of dollars and a lifetime to draw.

Our mule deer hunting on our ranches can be characterized as big-buck-potential but tough hunting conditions due to the October dates when our Fish and Game allows hunting. Our conservative management ensures 180″+ deer are available every year on our ranches, although getting one can be tough.

All of our private land hunts occur in non-crowded conditions in fairly gentle terrain.

Our Public-Land Scouting packages offer an affordable way to drastically improve your success rate compared to showing up blind to a new area. You’ll get your package price back in the days saved trying to narrow down good areas to spend your hunting time and energy.


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Contact WeScout4u Inc.

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