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Idaho Fish and Game is charged with preserving, protecting, perpetuating and managing all wildlife in the state for present and future generations. Most animals are not hunted, trapped or fished.

No other bird better symbolizes Idaho's high desert country than the greater sage-grouse.

Sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) once were abundant in sagebrush habitats of the western United States and Canada. Unfortunately, the bird and its habitat have declined in abundance.

Sagebrush habitat is so important to sage grouse that the loss of this habitat has hurt these birds in large parts of the western rangelands. It's basic - sage-grouse need good-quality sagebrush habitat and without it they can't survive. Fire, invasive species, and human activities have all destroyed sagebrush habitat.

Fortunately, we now understand how important sagebrush habitat is. Hunters, landowners, bird watchers, and many others are working together to help restore and preserve sagebrush habitat.

  • Idaho Conservation Plan
  • Sage-grouse Task Force
  • Sage-grouse and Sage-grouse Habitat Conservation
    • Sage-grouse Habitat Map
      • Inside Idaho
    • Greater Sage-grouse Comprehensive Conservation Strategy
    • Conservation Assessment of Greater Sage-grouse and Sagebrush Habitats
    • Sage-grouse Biology and Research
      • USGS GIS Database for sage grouse and shrubsteppe management.
    • Federal Listing Decision Information
      • USFWS
    • Sage-grouse and Sagebrush Conservation
      • BLM Planning Process


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