Utah-Idaho Cooperative Weed Management Area - 2009 Year End Report

In 1997, through the  Pulling Together Initiative, an effort to cooperatively control  noxious weeds was started. This was not only one of the first, but it was the finest.  With the area of the cooperating partners, a 6.5 million acre Utah-Idaho Cooperative Weed Management Area (U&ICWMA) was formed. It constitutes a  joint venture of 15 land management and county entities along the Utah-Idaho  border, including Box Elder County, Bannock County, Cache County, Franklin County, Oneida County, Bureau of Land Management, Caribou National Forest, Wasatch Cache National Forest, Idaho Department of Lands, Utah State Lands and  Forestry, Utah Trust Lands Administrations, Idaho Department of Highways, Utah Department of Transportation, Idaho Department of Agriculture, Idaho Department of Fish and Game.


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