Landscaping with Native Plants of the Intermountain Region

This guide was conceived and compiled by southwest Idaho gardeners with experience growing native plants. For the purposes of this guide, we have defined a “native plant” as one that evolved in a particular area, and is therefore naturally adapted to its climate and soil. Many of the recommended plants are native to the Boise area, but all of the plants presented here are native to the Intermountain Region, the Southwest, or the Great Plains. The plants featured were selected for their relative ease of growth (assuming they are grown according to recommended cultural conditions), availability, and ornamental value. Because native plants should never be removed from the wild, a list of reputable sources is provided from which most can be obtained.

The format of this guide is subdivided into wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees. Above the scientific and common name, symbols are used for quick reference to provide the following information: sun exposure, water requirements, pollinators it will attract (hummingbirds, butterflies, etc.), whether deciduous or evergreen, and its lowest USDA cold hardiness zone. Additional information is presented in roughly the following order in the text: height and width, color and time of bloom, unusual characteristics or cultural preferences (such as preferred soil conditions), value to wildlife when applicable, and any significant cultural, medicinal, or homeopathic uses, past or present.


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