Continental Divide Cooperative Weed Management Area 2009 End of Year Report

The mission of the Continental Divide Cooperative Weed Management Area (CDCWMA) that covers land in Clark, Lemhi, Butte, and Jefferson Counties is to bring together all those responsible for weed control within the boundaries of the CWMA to develop common weed control management objectives and to coordinate efforts along logical geographic boundaries based on similar land types and use patterns; also to prevent the introduction, reproduction and spread of designated noxious weeds and invasive exotic plants into and within the entire CWMA; and to educate land managers and the general public about invasive noxious weeds and the efforts to control them. The partners of the CWMA will:

  • Foster cooperation, communication, and teamwork
  • Increase the general awareness ofthe weed problems in the CWMA
  • Develop and maintain a map data base of weed infestations
  • Prevent the establishment of noxious/invasive plants not currently in the CWMA
  • Contain, control, and/or eradicate noxious weeds already in the CWMA
  • Establish noxious weed-free corridors along right of ways and riparian areas
  • Rehabilitate areas of former infestations
  • Assist partners and cooperators in using Best Management Practices in an integrated approach to weed control


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