Boise Basin Cooperative Weed Management Area 2009 Accomplishment Report

The Boise Basin Cooperative Weed Management Area (BBCWMA) was established in the early summer of 2000. The goal is to create an effective, integrated weed management program in the Boise Basin that included the North and Middle Forks of the Boise River and the Mores and Grimes Creek drainages. The BBCWMA covers approximately 838,540 acres in Boise and Elmore Counties, Idaho. The BBCWMA brings landowners and managers  together in cooperation to address noxious weed problems in the basin. Cooperators include Boise and Elmore Counties, Boise National Forest, Bureau of Land Management, the Idaho State Departments of Lands, Transportation, Agriculture and Fish and Game and most importantly, Private Land Owners.


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